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Baby Center Store

Products Parents Love – We’re committed to filling our Store with products that will delight you and your baby. With product ratings from experts and fellow parents as well as helpful checklists and buying guides, we hope to make your shopping experience as enjoyable as possible!

Answers Parents Need – You'll find helpful checklists of product essentials recommended by parents, buying guides filled with helpful advice and tips to steer you through complex decisions about essential products, gift recommendations for every occasion, and product descriptions written by parents for parents.

FREE Content & Community – Registered members of receive helpful personalized e-newsletters and e-mails as well as exposure to a thriving bulletin board and chat community focused on sharing parental joys, frustrations and encouragement.

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BabyCenter Store

At BabyCenter, we want to continue to be the leading website for new and expecting parents by providing the most comprehensive information and the most remarkably right expert and mom advice on pregnancy and parenting. To that end, BabyCenter is constantly evolving. And our new look, supported by our fresh, new logo, is just the beginning. We've also updated and enhanced much of our content and will continue to do so. The result will be an exciting, informative, and superior BabyCenter unlike any other birth and parenting destination.

Having a baby is an amazing life-changing event, and shopping for pregnancy and baby products is an significant part of that experience. Suddenly you're faced with a mysterious new world filled with things like convertible car seats, co-sleepers, exersaucers, and the Diaper Genie. That's where the BabyCenter Store can help!!

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