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Credit / Debt

1.Structured Settlement Alliance - Annuity Payment





Structured Settlement Alliance

The Structured Settlement Alliance is designed to help you get the most money for your structured settlements and annuity payments.

The SSA helps to make this process easy for you by matching you with the best possible financial institution to handle your settlement, and letting you decide how to proceed -- putting the control where it should be, in your hands.

The SSA only works with the finest direct funding sources, weeding out expensive brokers and fly-by-night companies. You are about to make a very important decision, and the SSA wants to arm you with the right information to do so.

By filling out the short form, a qualified representative will review your specific needs, and match you with up with one of our select partners who can help you get the most cash now for your structured settlement. Please note that all of your information is confidential, and will not be shared with anyone outside of the SSA's select partner group.

By filling out the FREE form, we will also send you free information to help you learn more about structured settlements, your rights, and how to select the best company for you.

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