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Dive Tips & Articles

In order to further assist you in your dive plans and trips to Malaysia, I have included numerous articles from authors worldwide.


1. Debunking Myths: Overcoming Scuba Diving Fear.

2. Scuba Diving For Beginners.

3. Diving Fundamentals.

4. Scuba Diving Gear Reviews and Advice for Beginners.

5. Scuba Diving - Exciting and Exhilarating Hobby.

6. Hard Earned Scuba Diving Tips for New Divers.

7. What To Bring Along on a Scuba Diving Trip.

8. Planning the Perfect Scuba Diving Vacation.

9. Wetsuits - Choosing the Right Fit for You.

10. Choosing Your Scuba Diving Equipment.

11. Scuba Diving Classes.

12. Scuba Diving Certification.



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