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Perhentian Island



Perhentian Island consists of two islands with endless stretches of palm-lined beaches, clear water sea and coral reefs. The lush rain forest on the island is just an ideal for jungle trekking.

Located in the South China Sea, on the east coast of Malaysia, the Perhentian group of islands consists of Perhentian Besar & Perhentian Kecil, which literally means Large Perhentian and Small Perhentian. The islands are situated 108km from Kuala Terengganu (1.5 Hours) and 54km from Kota Bharu (1 Hour). The boat journey will take about 30 minutes by speedboat and 1.5 hours by slow boat. Perhentian promises an interesting holiday destination with white sandy beaches, jungle interiors and interesting diving, which are a sure combination to attract the diver and non-diver.

Situated 20 km off the coast of Terengganu, the Perhentian group of islands comprises Perhentian Besar Island, Perhentian Kecil Island, Rawa Island, Serenggeh Island, Susu Dara Besar Island and Susu Dara Kecil Island.

Water temp: 27°C (80°F) to 32°C (88°F)
Suit: 3mm or 5mm shortie
Visibility: 10 to 15 metres (33 – 45 feet)
Rating: *****
Type of diving: Fringing reefs are a blend of hard corals species with patches of dendronephtnya soft corals; whip corals and sponges growing on boulders. There are more than 20 dives sites to plan your dives at. From dives at Tiger Rock for largest of soft corals to the shipwreck dives at Pasar Tani to the deeper cave and tunnel dives at Pulau Rawa and beautiful marine life at Tokong Laut.
Marine life: Parrotfish, stingray, whitetip reef shark, boxfish, pufferfish, snappers, jacks, fusiliers, groupers, wrasse, sweetlips, Christmas tree worms, barracudas, bumpheads, lobsters, bamboo sharks.
When to go: March to October. The monsoon season is between November and February.
How to get there: Fly via Kuala Lumpur with Malaysia Airlines, then onward to Kuala Terengganu or Kota Bahru, and then take a car/bus ride to the Kuala Besut jetty. Daily boat rides will take you to the island.

These lush and exotic tropical islands are a must for all nature lovers and those who enjoy scuba diving, snorkelling, deep sea fishing, swimming, wind surfing, sailing, boating and canoeing. Clear and calm waters make you feel as you are in a very large swimming pool!



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