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Rescue Diver Course


The PADI® Rescue Diver Course is a challenging & informative course that will build your confidence as a recreational diver. Three to four days of intensive classroom and in-water rescue training will be both fun and rewarding for all divers. Students will complete 12 open water training exercise, which emphasizes a diver’s ability to be flexible and adapt to personal and environmental conditions. At the end, all twelve exercises will be practiced in real-life scenarios.

The course topics shall include the following:-

Tired Diver
Panicked Diver
Repose from shore/boat (conscious victim)
Distressed Diver Underwater
Missing Diver
Surfacing the Unconscious Diver
Unconscious Diver at the Surface First Aid for pressure-related Accidents
Response from shore/boat (unconscious victim)
Diving Accident Scenario – Underwater Search
Diving Accident Scenario – Response, Egress and Management
Egress with an Unconscious Diver

By the end of the course, you will have expanded your knowledge of diving, increased your level of diving skill and be more aware of what is happening in the diving environment. Most importantly, rescue training can help you save lives and increase safety by preparing you to properly respond to diving emergencies.

We provide the Rescue Diver Course at an extremely affordable and cheap price.

Package includes:-

~ Instruction fees
~ Use of Buoyancy Control Device (BCD), regulator, weights and tanks
~ Use of mask, snorkels, fins, wetsuits.
~ 4D/3N Air-Conditioned accommodation includes:- 2-way ferry transfer




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Pre-requisites: Must be a PADI® Advanced Open Water Diver.







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