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What to Bring Along on a Scuba Diving Trip

(by: Bart Samuri)

If you are planning to go on a scuba diving adventure, you’ll want to be sure that you bring along everything that you need, else you may find yourself sitting on the boat the whole time. An underwater mask is a must, which you use to see clearly underwater. You will want to purchase a mask instead of goggles, because the pressure of the water makes goggles hard on you’re eyes. You will also want to make sure you bring along fins.

Use fins to propel yourself into deeper waters, and move faster and more efficiently.Don’t try to go scuba diving without them, because diving into deep waters without them can become very difficult. If you are going to be diving in cooler waters, booties, mitts and hoods are a must because they protect your skin from freezing in the cold water. For warmer climates, you will want to bring along a wetsuit to protect your body from underwater elements and dangers such as sea urchins.

For deeper dives, you will want to bring along a weight belt and enough weight to lower you as deep as you need. One of the most important items on your list will be a regulator which allows you to breath air from you dive tank at a low pressure. Of course you also need to bring along the tanks that have already been checked and filled. When taking deep dives, you will need a dive compass, timer and depth gage which will let you know your decompression needs.

There is a list of the things you will absolutely need to make your dive successful. Of course, to be safe you will also want to pack things like a first aid kit, repair kits and oxygen kits. You will also want to make sure that you bring replacement light bulbs if you are using a lighting system for diving in dark or murky waters. For extra comfort bring along things such as sunscreen, hats, long sleeved shirts, wind breakers, towels, water and quick snacks. It will be easy for you to keep track of these things by making a check list to bring along.


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