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Underwater Photography


The two main factors, which affect the quality of photographs taken underwater in the waters of Malaysia, are the location and the time of the year. As most of the diving sites encounter a large amount of residue, which enters the sea from fresh water sources during the raining season, the water’s visibility is reduced substantially. However, as a result of this too, the amount of marine life present in the area tends to be abundant!


Taking into consideration of conditions of the reef and the availability of marine life in the waters of Malaysia, it is advisable to take shots of the smaller-sized animals. Some of the best sites in Malaysia for taking clear shots of marine life would be the islands of Layang-Layang, Mabul, Kapalai and Sipadan.

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By using a manually adjustable digital camera, which also has the function of ‘Underwater’ picture, divers are able to take underwater shots which relative ease. In this case, the camera self-adjusts and compensates the blue of the water with additional yellow or white hue. Of course, the best would be to bring along two cameras so that nothing is missed!


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