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Jemy Ismail





Jemy started leisure diving in Sept 1987. In 1992, Jemy decided to take diving very seriously and worked towards earning his dive master title by being a dive guide at Redang Island. In 1997, Jemy took his instructorship examination in Phuket but due to lack of training, he did not make it. Failure did not hamper him from trying again. In 2002, Jemy took the required exams at Tioman and his determination paid off. He passed with flying colors. To date, Jemy has clocked more than 4000 dives locally and overseas. His favorite local dive destination is Tioman Island, as it is the place where he first dived. Apart from that, Tioman is the only place in Malaysia where you can find lots of soft corals that you are not able to find elsewhere within Malaysian waters. Also in Tioman, there are lots of giant Sea Fans swaying to the rhythm of the currents as well as the abundance of nudi-branches of different species crawling the sea bed of Tioman Island.

To Jemy, diving gives him the opportunity to learn and appreciate the underwater life in more detail. Once a diver, a person will be more responsible in preserving God’s underwater creation. No garden on earth can match the beautiful colors of the marine lives swimming gracefully between the soft corals. Jemy met his wife, Hitomi Saito at Tioman in 2001. Together they have traveled and dived extensively around Malaysia and are very active in promoting Malaysian dive sites in Japan. Their interest in diving has made them closer over the years, as they share the same interest and able to compare notes on what they saw after each dive. Both of them are advocates of marine life conservation by being a part of the 'Malaysian Project Aware'. Keen on spreading their knowledge and the word on conservation, both Jemy and Hitomi will gladly reply to any of your queries concerning this matter. Please contact us at diving@divingpleasures.com for your questions or comments. Please allow us at least 48 hours for a reply.

Jemy’s advice to other divers is to explore their local dive sites, then go on to explore the rest of the world. Diving not only relaxes one's mind, it also opens up a new world for one to explore. Jemy captures all the underwater shots using Olympus MU750. He finds it very user friendly and it gives him the ease of shooting in different modes. Jemy advises new divers to really embrace the underwater sensations and have fun but exercise a certain level of consciousness when diving. Never be over-excited and always keep track of your pressure gauge.

To have fun and dive smart with Jemy, send us an e-mail to diving@divingpleasures.com


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