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Khairul Faizal Omar






Khairul Faizal Omar, or very well known to everyone as 'Khay' or 'Small Khay', started diving in 2000 and has logged more than 1,000 dives to date (He does not log his dives anymore as there are just too many!). Over the years, he had 'worked-up his rank' very quickly and became a PADI Instructor by 2004. Khay loves his outdoor activities, mainly SCUBA diving, as he is 'the adventurous' type. Khay likes to explore new things, as he says, 'It makes it all fun!. I'm a bit crazy...must be due to the excessive nitrogen!'

Since obtaining his PADI instructorship, Khay has taught more than 100 students (local and international), ranging from Open Water candidates to Assistant Instructors vying for their full instructorship licences. In addition to his PADI IDC Staff Instructorship, Khay's other qualifications include EFR Instructorship, DAN O2 Provider, Senior Medic First Aid, Chamber Operator Certficate, and the ADAS Commercial Air Diver (Part 3).

According to him, Khay's favourite dive location in Malaysia is Tioman, as apart from the lovely dives sites at Batu Cela, Tokong Burung, Tiger Reef, Tomok Island, Batu Malang, Sawadee wreck, Marine Park wreck and Lobster Point (to name a few), Tioman Island is a tax-free haven! 'Cheap! Cheap! Cheap!', says Khay! The dive sites in Tioman starts from a mere 8 metres to more than 40 metres at some wreck dives. Apart from that, visibility can also vary depending on the time of year but mostly from 7 metres to approximately 40 metres! The best time to go diving in Tioman would be from April to September, as the monsoon season (from October to February) reduces all visibility and makes diving unsafe.

Since Khay loves his leisure dives the most, he teaches people diving not for the money involved but simply because it rewards him with a sense of satisfaction and accomplishment. Khay's next 2 most-wanted dive spots on his list would firstly be The Republic of Palau, mainly due to his enthusiasm for the sailfish coupled with the ability to dive in its strong currents; and secondly in South Africa, a thrill of a lifetime to dive face to face with the Great White Shark. 'This would definitely be a cage dive...the shark in the cage and me on the outside, Khay jokes.

Khay is using Sony P10 and has been capturing numerous underwater photos during his dives. His pictures are exclusively featured at Diving Pleasures and he welcomes anyone who would like to go diving with him. And by the way, did I mention that Khay is a wee bit nutty?! :)

Khay has just obtained his ADAS Part 3 Commercial Air Diver Certificate in June 2007, and although this would not allow him to dive as often as he would (due to the nature of his work), he will always love his diving and will somehow find the time for his favourite past-time!

For those interested to dive with Khay, mail us at diving@divingpleasures.com

Photos contributed by Khay


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