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Hi there! My name is Mohan (a.k.a Scubaholic) and I’ve been doing underwater photography for 2 years now. Started scuba diving in 2004 and been diving non-stop!

I first started my passion for underwater photography in 2005 when my OW instructor started taking picture of nudibranchs and other small stuff. I found that nudibranchs are such colourful creatures and so I bought my first camera which is a point–and-shoot Canon IXUS 500 with WP-DC800 housing.

My passion in photography grew much more as my nudibranch photo collection got bigger & better! I enjoy mostly shooting macro stuff underwater.

After winning my very first photo competition last year, I decided to save up big and finally I took a giant leap into DSLR camera setup. My setup is now a Nikon D80 with Nikkor Micro 60mm lens in Patima Housing with 60mm Macro port and Inon Z-240 strobes. I LOVE it a lot!

What keep me diving and taking photos is that I’m always amazed bout the stuff I see, especially macro stuff. Can never get enough of it! I love shooting clown fishes too! Amazing!

I always look forward to my next trip and taking more great pictures beneath the sea. My motto is: Eat, Sleep, DIVE! Nothing beats any dive! So to all the scubaholics out there, dive safe & keep the bubbles flowin’!

For those interested to dive with Mohan, mail us at diving@divingpleasures.com


Photos contributed by Mohan


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