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Noor Hadi Ismail






Mr Noor Hadi Ismail started diving in 2001 and has logged nearly 400 dives to date. His lifetime regret is not to take up this sport earlier in life. Mr Noor Hadi or Hadi as he is widely known, has been a converted diver from an avid golfer and so far has been the major culprit in reducing the numbers of Malaysian golfers by introducing them to the wonders of scuba diving.

Due to numerous request from family and friends, Hadi took his PADI Instructorship in April 2006. Hadi is now a very recognizable person in the Malaysian diving scene and organizes many leisure dives to fill his time.

Hadi’s number one favourite dive location in Malaysia is Sipadan and secondly Tioman. Always a man full of practicality, Hadi’s reasoning for choosing them is because of Sipadan’s abundance of marine life which is easily spotted due to high water visibility. As for Tioman, Hadi said that it is the best spot to conduct Open Water exam as the water is exceptionally calm and Tioman boast numerous types of dive spots from shallow waters at Renggis, wrecks at Sawadee, marine parks, tunnel swim thru at Labas, and the beautiful underwater rock formations at Chebeh. Divers can also dive down to the end of the Plateau where you can encounter large Morray Eels and Stone Fish hiding in small overhangs at 18 metres.

Only to be found at Kador Bay, encounter sponge-eating Hawksbill Turtles and Reef Cuttlefish making use of Potato Corals to secure their eggs at Batu Malang, large Brain corals and Nurse Sharks up to 1 m in length sleeping underneath coral boulders at Sepoi Island. Also, dive against strong currents at Tiger Reef, a location that is not frequently dived at, thus, boasts of the largest school of Jacks, Mackerels, Yellow Fin Barracudas, and Yellow Runners. The rock formation here is the best in Tioman with underwater scenery second to none as every inch is covered by soft coral, hard coral and barrel sponges. Tioman is the best place to impress a new diver and further develop a keen interest in diving.

Hadi is using Canon S80 and has been capturing numerous underwater photos during his dives. His pictures are exclusively featured at Diving Pleasures and he welcomes anyone who would like to go diving with him. Do expect lots of fun and laughter coupled with constant entertainment as Hadi is a great joker as well. Hadi’s bright yellow fins has earned him the nickname “Yellowfins” and his desire is to get a full suit of yellow suit to match the fins – just kidding!

For those interested to dive with Hadi, mail us at diving@divingpleasures.com


Hadi's Upcoming Dives


Hadi is currently organizing a trip to The Republic of Palau. Palau (traditional name Belau) is Micronesia's westernmost island chain located 900 miles southwest of Guam and 400 miles south of Yap, north of New Guinea and east of the Philippines. The trip is expected to be in November 2007, for 10 days 9 nights. The whole package will cost approximately USD2,599 (flying from Malaysia), inclusive of food, lodging, dives, equipment, airfare, etc. (Prices may change without prior notice). Please contact us for inquiries.


Photos contributed by Hadi


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