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February 2011 News for AWARE Divers and Advocates


Show Your Love for the Ocean


This is a natural, heart-shaped and heart-broken, valentine from the ocean to you. Show your love for the ocean in return and make a gift today.

Dear Diver,  

It’s almost as if we’re born with it. This deeper love for the ocean – all the life and exotic adventure that lies within. As divers we have this unique connection to our ocean planet. One which compels us to not only dive for fun, but to dive with purpose.

During a time when so many of us celebrate Valentine’s Day, divers worldwide are also displaying their love for the ocean. Won’t you join us? Show your love by sending a gift of support today.

As my passion and my profession lead me to travel, I’m privileged to see the many faces and places so central to our cause. Recently, dive volunteers have shaved their heads to support conservation, taken to the streets in shark costumes and rallied divers underwater to show their love and inspire ocean protection.

More than 34,000 divers and advocates have also recently taken action to strengthen the European Union (EU) shark finning ban. It’s here, where some of the world’s leading shark fishing nations have one of the weakest finning bans in the world. With the ocean in the fight of its life, it certainly takes all of our combined efforts, however big or small, to make a real difference for our ocean environments.   

Now, we’re channeling your voice as we continue work to close finning loopholes - in the U.S., EU and elsewhere. We’re hard at work framing new strategies for the prevention, reduction and management of marine debris at the 5th International Marine Debris Conference and beyond. Your help is critical for these efforts.  

Please join divers worldwide today and show your love for the ocean in the spirit of Valentine’s Day. Together, we’ll continue taking action underwater every day while also pushing for science-based, policy solutions for the future. 

Thank you for your love of the ocean planet and your passion to protect it.

Jenny Miller Garmendia
Executive Director, Project AWARE Foundation


Project AWARE Foundation is a nonprofit organization dedicated to conserving underwater environments through education, advocacy and action. Project AWARE Foundation offices in Australia, the United States, Japan, the United Kingdom and Switzerland help protect aquatic environments in 175 countries around the world.


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