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July 2010 News for AWARE Divers and Water Enthusiasts


Dear Shark Advocate,

It's been one month since Project AWARE launched the "Give Sharks a Fighting Chance" petition to demand international protection for critical shark species on the brink. In just a few short weeks more than 30,000 divers and shark advocates like you have voiced their concern.

Are you in?

If you've not yet taken action - your help is needed today. Sign the petition to give threatened sharks species like hammerheads, oceanic whitetip and spiny dogfish a chance to survive.

Thank you to each of the 30,000 supporters who've signed the petition so far. With your help we're preparing to deliver a clear message to CITES Party representatives and demand better shark protection worldwide. As I've read through the signatures and concerns from divers around the globe, one thing is clear - divers are uniting with a common goal to demand better shark protection worldwide.

Despite recent setbacks at CITES 2010, shark advocates like you have helped secure protections in Europe, Palau, Maldives and most recently, Hawaii. As we speak, the United States Senate is poised to take action on the Shark Conservation Act to strengthen anti-finning legislation and show leadership in shark conservation.

But to ensure survival for the most vulnerable and heavily traded shark species, we must persuade CITES Party representatives around the world to control international trade for the future.

Please take two minutes of action and sign the petition today. Already signed? Help spread the word by asking your family, friends and colleagues to sign. Do you Facebook or tweet? Post the petition page (www.projectaware.org/givesharksachance) to your favorite social networking sites.

Thank you for being part of this global effort.


Jenny Miller Garmendia
Director, Project AWARE Foundation



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