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March 2011 News for AWARE Divers and Advocates


  March eNews for AWARE Divers and Advocates

And the Conservation Award Goes To... You! Well, Project AWARE graciously accepted Dive Magazine's "Conservationist of the Year" award on your behalf, for doing the most to conserve the underwater environment and the life found in it. Thank you for supporting ocean protection with us year-round.

Wanted: 100,000 Shark Advocates
Get serious about shark protection. Join thousands of AWARE divers and shark advocates grabbing the attention of policymakers worldwide. Support the goal to reach 100,000 signatures by June 8th, World Ocean Day. (more)

A New World Record
It's a new world record in underwater Yahtzee - with a shark conservation twist. The team set the record by playing 15 games underwater, collected 1000 petition signatures for sharks all while diving among sand tiger, nurse and guitar sharks. (more)

European Dive Show
We’re 595 signatures closer to our 100,000 target. Attendees of the European Dive Show, Bologna, Italy, showed their support for shark protection to fight finning and other serious threats. (more)

Protecting Goliath Grouper
Your voice was heard! Project AWARE along with hundreds of AWARE divers urged the Florida Fish and Wildlife Commission to support continued protection for the critically endangered Goliath Grouper. Check out the results. (more)

Connect for Conservation
If you’re not already following part of the Project AWARE community on Twitter or Facebook, you may be missing out on half of the conversation. Find us on your favorite social networking site, connect with other AWARE divers and voice your views and actions for ocean protection.


Grab the attention of policymakers worldwide and sign the petition.

A new world record in underwater Yahtzee - with a shark twist.

http://projectaware.org/assets/799_goliathgrouper00000090473.jpgIt's a win for the Goliath Grouper. Thank you for voicing your support.

Project AWARE Foundation is a nonprofit organization dedicated to conserving underwater environments through education, advocacy and action. Project AWARE Foundation offices in Australia, the United States, Japan, the United Kingdom and Switzerland help protect aquatic environments in 175 countries around the world.


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