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October 2009 News for AWARE Divers and Water Enthusiasts

More Than 1000 Cleanups and Counting

Thank you to everyone who volunteered for the biggest underwater cleanup of its kind. The International Cleanup Day data pouring into Project AWARE offices from around the world are a tangible record of the positive difference volunteers like you are making. There are solutions to the marine debris crisis and scuba divers are leading the way.

Take Action During European Shark Week

European Shark Week, held from 10-18 October, is a unique opportunity for shark advocates around the world to demonstrate their support for shark conservation and bring about change. Help turn the tide for sharks by signing the petition now and encouraging your friends, colleagues and family to do the same.

Dedicated Divers Monitor Corals

Dedicated divers have now monitored 21,000 corals at 104 discrete locations in 32 countries. The data - one third of which was collected by Project AWARE CoralWatch Operators - is already being used to analyze bleaching events in long term monitoring areas like Christmas and Heron Islands in Australia, the Netherlands Antilles and Koh Tao, Thailand.

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Emma Andersson with her CoralWatch card at Crystal Dive Resort in Thailand.

AWARE Diver Tip - Eat Sustainable Seafood
Tens of millions of sharks are killed each year as a result of bycatch.  Choose your seafood wisely. Look for labels like Marine Stewardship Council. Download a sustainable seafood guide for your corner of the globe.




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