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At Diving Pleasures, we totally support Project AWARE in conserving the environment. Apart from doing our bit in cleaning our seas and preserving the marine ecosystem during our dives, we also invite more people in joining our cause by being a member or donating to Project AWARE!

Be an 'Underwater Hero' by participating in the world's largest non-profit organization in protecting our most delicate, vital and valuable aquatic ecosystems, through education, advocacy and action. Learn how to conserve the marine environment now! By joining Project AWARE, you will not only conserve our wealth and abundance of beautiful and crucial marine life the world has offered us, not only for yourselves, but more importantly for your children and their future! It all depends on what YOU do now!

So, the next question is....what CAN you do? Simple. Just sign up for the Project AWARE Specialty course to learn about some of the most pressing problems facing these vulnerable environments and everyday actions you can take to help conserve them. It’s informative, interesting and most importantly, you learn how to make a difference! Not only that, certification counts toward the PADI Master SCUBA diver rating! So, do what you love and be recognized for it!

Project AWARE

To give you an idea, some of the things you'll learn as a Project AWARE member include:-

  • The ocean commons and coastal zone issues
  • Fisheries challenges and sustainability
  • Coral environment overview and inhabitants
  • the role of the diver in protecting aquatic environments
  • Interesting topics and issues in 'AWARE: Our World, Our Water'


Vote against torture and oppression and donate your email address to Support Project AWARE Now! Send completed forms to info@projectaware.org.au

Project AWARE Foundation Patron Donation Form


SHARKS Are The Victims!

The unprecendented growth of the Chinese economy over the recent years has created an insatiable demand for shark fins of any size and type! To add to the enormous problem of over-fishing of sharks, advances in science and technology have made shipbuilding and navigational electronics more sophisticated in that shark fishing boats could now go anywhere in the world fast, thus, reducing the time taken for located 'shark spots' and making fishing much quicker! This has made local shark populations diminish rapidly right before our eyes! The whole problem lies in the fact that the fins are now so much more valuable than the rest of the shark that the carcass is discarded after the fins are removed, to save storage space on the boat. The fins are just sliced off when the shark is still alive and the mutilated shark is dumped back into the water to die a slow and agonizing death!!

Why should we be concerned? Without sharks, the whole experience of being in a natural ocean wilderness would be immeasurably reduced. It would be like being on the Serengeti with no lions or cheetahs. In losing the opportunity to view these magnificent and superbly-adapted predators in the wild, we are also losing part of our spiritual connection with nature.

Sharks Sharks

Sharks Sharks

Sharks Sharks

BAN Shark Killing NOW!



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